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Saskatoon, together we raised $15,536.15 for our Covid-19 Response Fund! Thank you for your purchase, demonstrating the unity that lies in this city and for continuing to prove 'We Got This!'



It's simple. I've long had a bucket list item of creating a t-shirt design and seeing others wearing it. I've just never actually done it. Well, the world has changed and I've taken some lockdown time to happily check it off the list!

Saskatoon, this shirt is really all about this moment in time when we've been called to sacrifice our time together to 'flatten the curve'. With that, some of us are seeing more red in our bank accounts than ever before, others managing the uncertainty of basic needs, parents becoming home school teachers (Do I ever appreciate you, teachers!), people feeling the toll on their mental health. We feel it, I feel ya. We're been living in some  significant confinement and are being tested by the constant questioning of whether we are taking enough precautions to ensure all of our safety. Did you ever think grocery shopping would feel like that??

I am grateful to have experienced Saskatoon through the countless memorable moments we've shared. You've played a significant role in my life and I see you in this message of goodwill. I acknowledge we have work to do as we reconcile pasts and continue to build our future. We are the bridge between the two.

To me, the bridge is a symbol of connection, foundation, support and resiliency as we observe its strength year after year, enduring the force of the water beneath it and the weather above it. I give thanks to local photographer Scott Prokop for allowing me to use his stunning photo of the Broadway Bridge.

COVID-19 has taught us that we are not only better together, but that we are meant to work closely together for the greatest good of ALL of us.

In saying that, every dollar made on the shirts will go directly to the Saskatoon Covid-19 Community Response Fund. The fund supports our vulnerable populations at greatest risk including the elderly, those experiencing mental health and addiction issues, disabilities, homelessness, community newcomers and others affected by this crisis.

Let's emerge from this proudly centred around lessons of family, friends and fellow citizens uplifting one another. I've seen it more now than I ever have. Let's keep that vibe alive!

I hope you and your family wear it with pride, knowing you're helping those who need it most!

Thank you, Saskatoon. You have proven yet again that ‘We Got This”!

Keep well. Much love and respect.